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Transaction Advisory Services

transaction-advisory-imgTransaction Advisory refers to the process of reviewing and analyzing current financial transactions from a critical risk analysis standpoint. At Midson Advisors, our Transaction Advisory Services practice help clients plan and complete major transaction. The Buying or Selling of a Business, Undertaking a Merger or Collaboration can all destroy value unless planned and conducted correctly. We work with the clients to assess and analyze proposed transaction highlighting the value drivers, risks and opportunities throughout the life cycle of the deal.

Our Transaction Advisory Services are designed to provide client with independent advice, due diligence analysis and Company Valuation Services. We are positioned to assist buyers, sellers and lenders to maximize value and minimize risk during the transaction process and even beyond.

Buyer Services

We assist our clients to evaluate key value drivers and risk factors associated with potential targets enabling them to:

  • Gain understanding of significant patterns in the target business historical performance
  • Evaluate the quality and sustainability of the target businesses, their reported earnings and cashflows
  • Estimation of the future financial forecast
Seller Services

At Midson Advisors, we help our Seller clients to identify and address the potentials areas of concern from the buyer’s perspective prior to acquirer’s due diligence process. Our team does a thorough detailed evaluation of the Earnings, Revenues, Net Assets, Working Capital and Financial Projections to help position the seller client for the process.

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